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On April 21st, Beijing time, British Sky Sports issued a statement that the public investment fund of Saudi Arabia (Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, hereinafter referred to as "PIF") acquired the Premier League powerhouse Newcastle United for 300 million pounds. The deal is about to be completed. The current team boss Mike Ashley (Mike Ashley) has received the deposit and transfer contract from the Middle East consortium, and the deal will be finalized as soon as the end of April as long as the owner and director of the Premier League team vote for approval.

北京时间4月21日,英国天空体育公司发表声明,沙特阿拉伯的公共投资基金(沙特阿拉伯的公共投资基金,以下简称“ PIF”)以3亿英镑的价格收购了英超劲旅纽卡斯尔联队。这笔交易即将完成。现任球队老板迈克·阿什利(Mike Ashley)已收到中东财团的存入和转让合同,只要英超联赛球队的所有者和负责人投票赞成,交易将在4月底前完成。批准。

Local tyrants entering the football world are not new, but due to the timing and characters of this transaction, it has added countless topics. Lanxiong Sports has compiled ten information points to tell you why the Saudi tyrant’s acquisition is known as the "magpie". Newcastle United will become a landmark transaction.

进入足球世界的土豪并不陌生,但是由于这项交易的时机和特点,它增加了无数主题。 Lanxiong Sports已收集了十个信息点,以告诉您为什么将沙特暴君的收购称为“喜p”。纽卡斯尔联将成为具有里程碑意义的交易。

PIF is now one of the largest sovereign wealth funds in the world. The fund represents the Saudi government to invest in various projects around the world. PIF international investment includes well-known companies such as Tesla, Softbank and Uber. The total assets of PIF are currently 260 billion pounds. about.

PIF现在是世界上最大的主权财富基金之一。该基金代表沙特政府在世界各地投资各种项目。 PIF国际投资包括特斯拉,软银和优步等知名​​公司。 PIF的总资产目前为2600亿英镑。关于。

No one else contributed to the acquisition of Newcastle. It was the well-known Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia and Minister of Defense Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud (Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud), who is currently the president of PIF.

没有人为收购纽卡斯尔做出任何贡献。著名的沙特阿拉伯王储和副总理兼国防部长穆罕默德·本·萨勒曼·艾尔·索特(Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud),目前是PIF的主席。

According to the Saudi tyrant’s acquisition plan, PIF will own 80% of Newcastle’s shares. PCP Capital Partners, an investment company under British businessman Amanda Staveli, will occupy 10%. The remaining 10% will be owned by the British businessman Ruben Brothers engaged in real estate investment. (Reuben brothers) hold.

根据沙特暴君的收购计划,PIF将拥有纽卡斯尔80%的股份。英国商人阿曼达·斯塔韦利(Amanda Staveli)旗下的投资公司PCP Capital Partners将占10%。其余的10%将由从事房地产投资的英国商人鲁本兄弟(Ruben Brothers)拥有。 (鲁本兄弟)抱。

In fact, the original plan of the Saudi tyrants was to acquire Manchester United. In 2018, it was reported that the Saudi consortium intends to throw a super offer of 4 billion pounds to acquire the Red Devils, but in the end it did not get the wish from the Glazer family. Choosing Newcastle now is more like Plan B of the Saudi consortium.


Not only is it a mere entry into football, but the investment in Newcastle also caters to the Saudi Vision 2030 called out by the Saudi government in 2016. The Saudi government hopes to reduce the country’s dependence on oil and achieve economic diversification and healthy development. , Education, entertainment and tourism and other public service sectors, the core strategy includes strengthening economic and investment behavior, and increasing non-oil trade between countries.

它不仅是进入足球领域,而且对纽卡斯尔的投资还满足了沙特政府在2016年提出的《沙特愿景2030》的要求。沙特政府希望减少该国对石油的依赖,实现经济多元化和健康发展。 ,教育,娱乐和旅游等公共服务部门,核心战略包括加强经济和投资行为,以及增加国家之间的非石油贸易。

This transaction is in line with the main purpose of the "2030 Vision Plan". Based on the successful experience of Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, it can be foreseen that Newcastle will rapidly grow into a strong contender for the Premier League's European war qualifications in a few years, and even become a frequent visitor of the Champions League. With the name card of Newcastle, the world has a new impression of Saudi Arabia.

该交易符合《 2030年愿景计划》的主要目的。根据曼彻斯特市和巴黎圣日耳曼的成功经验,可以预见,纽卡斯尔将在短短几年内迅速成长为英超欧洲战争资格的有力竞争者,甚至成为欧洲冠军联赛的常客。有了纽卡斯尔的名片,世界对沙特阿拉伯有了新的印象。

The current boss of Newcastle, Ashley, is topical enough, but compared to Ben Salman, it is nothing short of a shame. Ben Salman, born in 1985, may be one of the most topical crown princes among the younger generation in the Middle East. Another reason for not completing the acquisition of Manchester United was related to the heated Kashuji case at that time. The British media also expressed concern about the acquisition of Newcastle. The Independent believes that PIF's acquisition of Magpies is entirely out of political considerations, not football.

纽卡斯尔现任老板阿什利(Ashley)颇具话题性,但与本·萨尔曼(Ben Salman)相比,这简直是可耻的。本·萨尔曼(Ben Salman)生于1985年,可能是中东年轻一代中最受关注的王储之一。未完成对曼联的收购的另一个原因与当时激烈的卡舒吉案有关。英国媒体也对收购纽卡斯尔表示关注。独立报认为,PIF收购Magpies完全出于政治考虑,而不是出于足球考虑。

It is worth mentioning that the acquisition of Ben Salman did not personally come forward.


As we all know, human rights issues in the Middle East are controversial all over the world, and various scandals about the construction of the World Cup stadium in Qatar. Therefore, the British media pointed out that the Saudi consortium intends to regard Newcastle as a public relations tool to help improve Saudi Arabia’s international image.


As of the Premier League suspension due to the epidemic, Newcastle has 29 wins, 9 wins, 8 draws and 12 losses, ranking 13th in the standings. The relegation situation is clear, but the European war is basically hopeless. It is an out-and-out mid-range team.


The deal has not yet been concluded, and the British media has made a list of signings for Newcastle, including the names of world first-line coaches and players such as Allegri and Griezmann. Although this is just a good thing for the media, it is conceivable that the Premier League structure will be changed again with the arrival of Saudi tyrants.


In fact, the Premier League landscape is quietly undergoing new changes from the existing BIG6. The second-year Wolves currently ranks sixth in the standings. Behind Everton is another energy tycoon, a US$2.4 billion British Iranian. Merchant Farhad Moxuli. In this context, the Premier League’s gold dollar football has added a strong player, which will further consolidate the Premier League’s position as the world’s number one football league.

实际上,英超联赛的格局正在从现有的BIG6悄然发生新变化。大二狼队目前排名第六。埃弗顿后面是另一个能源大亨,身价24亿美元的英国伊朗人。商人Farhad Moxuli。在这种情况下,英超联赛的黄金美元足球增加了一个强大的球员,这将进一步巩固英超联赛作为世界第一足球联赛的地位。

Ashley is finally determined to sell the team, which is directly related to the epidemic. Prior to this, Ashley had claimed that an offer of less than 430 million pounds would not be read by him, but in the end he sold it at a price nearly 40% below the psychological price.


Once the transaction is completed, this will be the first team transaction from a world mainstream football league since the outbreak. Sports events are one of the industries most severely affected by the epidemic. Leagues around the world have been shut down on a large scale. After losing their game-day income, many top clubs need to negotiate wage cuts with their players to maintain normal operations. Therefore, for capitalists with deep pockets, this is indeed a good time to buy dips.


In addition to the acquisition of Newcastle, PIF has continued to move since April. First of all, it injected US$450 million into Carnival Cruise Line, which was hit hard by the epidemic at the beginning of the month. According to the Wall Street Journal, PIF also bought shares in four major European oil companies in the middle of the month. , The total value is about 1 billion US dollars.

除了收购纽卡斯尔,PIF自4月份以来仍在继续发展。首先,它向嘉年华邮轮公司注资4.5亿美元,该邮轮在月初受到疫情的严重打击。据《华尔街日报》报道,PIF在月中还购买了四家欧洲主要石油公司的股票。 ,总价值约10亿美元。

Compared to PIF, Ashley, the other protagonist of the trade, is not so beautiful. Since joining the team in 2007, his stingy attitude towards capital injection in the transfer market and two results that led to the team's relegation have made him stand. To the opposite of the fans. To be counted, it has been 10 years since Ashley first offered to sell the team.


Ashley's idea of ​​running the team has always been self-sufficiency. Earlier, thanks to the high broadcast share of the Premier League, even if the strength is not up to the courage of the year, Newcastle can ensure proper operation as long as it stays in the Premier League. However, due to the epidemic, this season's broadcast share is bound to be greatly reduced, and Ashley, who started as a retailer, has his own business also lit up, and it is not difficult to understand the decision to sell Newcastle.


▲Newcastle fans boycott Ashley.


Considering the impact of the epidemic on the global economy, Ashley’s encounter is likely to be just the beginning, and there may be more and more familiar players because of the epidemic.


Fans should be immersed in the joy of getting rid of Ashley compared to strengthening the lineup, because it is more appropriate to sum up the feelings of Magpies fans towards Ashley with "deep dislike".


If the relegation caused by not buying people and poor operation is enough to be shocking, Ashley has many "famous scenes" that caused fans to anger during his tenure: friendship with the team's legend Keegan, placement of cronies in management positions, and cronyism; James Park changed its name to Sports Direct and announced its own company. In short, Ashley's relationship with fans has reached a freezing point.

如果不买人和经营不善造成的降级足以令人震惊,那么阿什利(Ashley)的许多“著名场面”在他任职期间引起了球迷的愤怒:与车队传奇人物基冈(Keegan)的友谊,对管理职位的亲信和裙带关系;詹姆斯·帕克(James Park)更名为Sports Direct,并宣布成立自己的公司。简而言之,阿什利(Ashley)与歌迷的关系已经到了冰点。

Therefore, even if the new owner is a Saudi consortium full of unknowns; even if the team lineup is still weak at the moment, Newcastle fans can already regard this season as a "successful year."


Newcastle United, the largest team in Northeast England, has one of the largest fan bases in the UK. In history, it has won 4 league championships and 6 FA Cup champions.


After the Saudi consortium settled in, in addition to regular staff reinforcements, the first thing to bear was to reshape Newcastle’s image in many ways, such as rebuilding the famous St. James’s Park Stadium. Due to Ashley’s “fuzzing”, Newcastle’s attendance rate has repeatedly set historical records. New low.


Affected by the epidemic, this year's transfer window will become a buyer's market, and the well-funded Saudi consortium has a high probability of helping Newcastle become the biggest winner in the transfer market.


Since Neymar transferred to Paris at a high price in 2017, the transfer market has been showing a trend of sellers' market, and many transfers of 100 million yuan have been generated. However, due to the epidemic, all clubs have tightened money, and the transfer market this year will be doomed to be cold.


The German transfer market website began to lower the value of global players. All players were reduced by 20%. However, the value of players born in 1998 was only reduced by 10%. Players worth less than 300,000 euros will not be adjusted. The value adjustment has wiped out 9.22 billion euros in the value of players in the global football market.


Not only that, former Liverpool and Tottenham football director Damien Comolli (Damien Comolli) said that an agent told him that only three Premier League clubs currently have the money to buy in the next transfer market.

不仅如此,利物浦和热刺前足球总监达米恩·科莫利(Damien Comolli)表示,一名经纪人告诉他,目前只有3个英超俱乐部的钱可以在下一个转会市场上购买。

Regardless of when the rematch, the epidemic has caused an unimaginable impact on Jinyuan football, whether it is players, clubs or leagues, it is difficult to escape this catastrophe. Under the current situation, the income of match day is hopeless, and the income of broadcast is at stake. In addition, according to Tottenham’s team reporter Sam Cunningham, sponsors have sent lawyers to inquire about the club’s fund refund this season.

无论何时复赛,这种流行病都对金源足球造成了难以想象的影响,无论是球员,俱乐部还是联赛,都难以幸免。在目前的情况下,比赛日的收入是无望的,而转播的收入则处于危险之中。此外,据热刺队记者萨姆·坎宁安(Sam Cunningham)称,赞助商已派出律师查询本赛季俱乐部的资金退还。

PIF enters the game with chips at this time. It is not only Newcastle United that has benefited, but also an opportunity to save itself for the football world, which is in urgent need of capital injection. It is one of the few positive news that came out during the epidemic.


The entry of the Saudi consortium means the formation of a three-legged pattern in the Middle East; the departure of Ashley means the end of the "dark moment" for Newcastle United. But more importantly, this deal is just the beginning, and the reshaping of the world football pattern by the epidemic has quietly begun.


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